Sustainable teddy bears


Bjørnefabrikken wants to give children an alternative to synthetic cuddly toys

BernhardUllbjørn is a resilient bear and will last a child’s entire childhood. The raw materials are renewable and sourced as locally as possible to keep transport distances as short as possible. Waste wool and lambskin is furthermore completely biodegradable.

Synthetic cuddly toys are produced from crude oil. This is a very limited resource which, furthermore, during extraction and production releases pollutants to the ground, water and air, in particular greenhouse gasses and various poorly degradable organic substances. Synthetic cuddly toy waste is also a problem as synthetic cuddly toys are not biodegradable. There are also few recycling or recirculation opportunities for these cuddly toys.

We know that cuddly toys rarely are left sitting on the dresser and often end up under the bedclothes. The temperature and moisture conditions here accelerate chemical decomposition processes and degassing. Ullbjørn contains no harmful pollutants. Synthetic cuddly toys made of polyester, polyurethane and polystyrene however often release a weak odorous smell for shorter or longer periods of time after production. These smells are from solvents and leftover monomers which, at higher doses, can cause respiratory tract irritation. Gasses can also be released from volatile additives, such as softeners and flame retardants.

Wool is water repellent but absorbs water vapour. This, combined with the high fibre elasticity of the wools gives a natural dirt repellent effect. Synthetic cuddly toys can be washed. However, the static electricity they generate means that they easily attract dust and dirt.