The little teddy bear factory


At the most southerly point of Norway, in the small village of Jølle in The Municipality of Farsund, is the country’s smallest teddy bear factory, Bjørnefabrikken. Here the production of handmade teddy bears are made of Norwegian wild sheep skins started.The factory has during the last years moved the production to Kristiansand.

Bjørnefabrikken was started as a hobby activity a number of decades ago because there were no environmentally friendly teddy bears available on the market.


Many people want to be able to give a real sheepskin teddy bear as a christening or birthday present, as it embodies many positive values for both the child and for the environment. Bjørnefabrikken also makes other products of wild sheepskin such as ‘Ranglefanten’ and ‘Jølleharen’