Ullbjørn is a comforting friend and helper and the only cuddly bear a child needs, as it will last a whole childhood.

Bamse 033Ullbjørn comfort

Ullbjørn from Bjørnefabrikken is designed to comfort a child and give a sense of security. It has a soft and gentle warmth and good to hold onto. A popular christening or birthday present for quality conscious present givers.

No bear is the same

Ullbjørn is filled with wool and hand sewed of well tanned sheepskin, primarily from wild sheep, but also from ‘bles’, ‘pelssau’ and the Norwegian white sheep. The colours and textures of the skins are natural and the variations in the raw materials ensure that every teddy bear is unique. The raw materials used to make the bears are supplied from local and regional sources, to keep the distances they are transported to the factory as short as possible.

Wool is water repellent but absorbs water vapour. This, combined with the high fibre elasticity of the wools, gives a natural dirt repellent effect. Spills directly onto wool can be wiped off with a damp cloth. The eyes are made of metal and are child safe.


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A selection of our teddy bears


Weight: around 350 g. Height around 30-40 cm.
Price: NOK 1850 NOK + any handling/postage (curly fur +NOK 150)

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